The Phyllis L. Susser School for Exceptional Children

The Phyllis L. Susser School for Exceptional Children provides a special education day program for students ages 5-16 who are funded through NYS Education Department and the NYC Department of Education. The school offers a full range of academic subjects along with speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and counseling for students who are classified as: Autistic, Speech and Language Impaired, Mentally Retarded, Emotionally Disturbed, Multiply Handicapped, Other Health Impaired and Traumatic Brain Injury. The school and staff provides a supportive, stimulating and nurturing environment where students feel valued and are safe to learn. They speak many languages and reflect the social, racial, and ethnic diversity of New York City. In addition to academic goals, there is a focus on developing a student’s social emotional and communication skills in order to help prepare them for living an independent, successful and fulfilling life as possible.

The programs offered at the Susser School for the past three years, have been free programs staffed by a volunteer professional photographer supported by donated cameras and equipment from Josephine Herrick Project. The assistance JHP offered the school has varied from staff training and donating a few cameras to the classroom teachers for short- term classroom projects, to holding extended classroom workshops staffed by a professional photographer, once a week for several weeks at a time.