Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

SNAP Talk!
(Something New About Photography!)

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, The Living Learning & Recovery Center
80-45 Winchester Blvd, Queens Village, NY 11427

Citi Field, Queens, NY – 4/12/12

“The baseball field was so awesome I couldn’t even think right. I had so much fun during this trip to Citi Field. I saw the dugout where the baseball players sit and wait to play. I had a really fun time.”

Photo and entries by J.C.

The Queens Botanical Garden, Queens, NY – 4/5/12

“ The pictures I took on this day were very appealing to me because there place where I was was beautiful. The ducks swim in the water and they look for food to eat. The Botanical garden is a beautiful place.

Photo and entries by J.C.

The Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY – 3/29/12

“When it rains, I’m sure these flowers get wet that’s what makes them grow so beautifully. When I took this picture I felt happy. Trees make me happy every time I am next to them.”

Photo and entries by J.C.

The Queens County Farm, Queens, NY– 3/22/12

“Animals give me an intense feeling to take pictures right away. The best part about these sheep is that they have a beautiful color. When I was next to them, I felt like I was on top of the world. Next time I visit a farm I would love to take more pictures.”

Photo and entries by J.C.